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About SunsMedic

A leading brand of offering transformative POC (point-of-care) testing systems and assays.

We’re focused on lateral flow (rapid test), hemostasis analysis, immunoassay and molecular diagnostics for both human and veterinary. Our wide range of product portfolio mainly target on respiratory, STIs, gastrointestinal, coagulation, drug, oncology, cardiac and many more testing. SunsMedic’s scalable systems, comprehensive assays and business management services are trusted by hospitals, clinics, laboratories, academic and other healthcare settings around the world.

Our expertise team has an insightful understanding of POC market, technique platforms, applications and market access.

This is our most valued capability to stand out on market. We’re proud that our job helps healthcare professionals improve patient care by delivering rapid and accurate diagnostics on demand with actionable result. Our 24/7/365 services are offered for global partners.

Partnering with SunsMedic since 2019, we’re so happy with the great POC solutions and services you offer. The quality is excellent and your tailor-made offerings provide us with new paths to enhance our labs’ efficiency and help improve patients’ satisfaction. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to sustaining this wonderful relationship with SunsMedic!

РAndré H. (M.D., a French clinic partner)

Faster, easier and accurate testing result truly matters for making timely and informed treatment decisions and that’s Point-of-Care delivers. We’re delighted with SunsMedic’s exceptional MDx and immunoassay solutions and impressed by their swift and professional response. We’re expanding our business with SunsMedic and will launch more amazing products for our healthcare customers.

– Wolfgang C. (Ph.D., a German lab-tech firm partner)

Knowledge Base

What is point-of-care testing?

Point-of-Care testing (POCT, also known as bedside testing) is medical diagnostics testing at or near the point-of-care. More specifically, this type of testing is performed as close as possible to the patient.

POCT is often accomplished through the use of portable instruments and test kits. The driving notion behind is to bring the test conveniently and immediately to the patient. 

How can we benefit from point-of-care testing?

Over the years, the number and types of point-of-care tests have grown dramatically and include everything from recent COVID-19 screenings to major infectious diseases testings to cardiac markers and blood coagulation diagnostics, etc.

Point-of-care testing is designed to be used in near-patient settings such as urgent care, physician offices, pharmacies, schools, workforces and at your comfort of your home. For many patients, it may seem quite ordinary to receive a quick diagnostic test during the course of a consultation. With rapid results offered by point-of-care testing, patient will reduce the need for follow-up visits – a benefit for patients and clinics alike. Quick answers can also help make timely informed decisions and avoid the use of unnecessary medications.

* Please check out our knowledge base to discover more on POC testing advanced technologies.