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Accurate yet ease-of-use rapid testing in practice, field and beyond. We look to join your business growth journey enhancing healthcare.

Human Health

Full-Auto Hemostasis Systems and Tests

ITEG Series

POC of micro-fluidic hemostasis system

Testing scene: Clinician’s office, Surgery, Blood transfusion, Reproductive center, Anesthesiology, ICU, Emergency, CDC

Assays with CE-IVD mark

Chemiluminescence Immuno Analyzer (CLIA)

Aceso 80A


Testing scene: Physician’s office, Lab, ICU, Emergency, Hospital dept. of cardiac/ oncology/ pediatrics/ gynecology/ respiratory

CE-IVD marked system and assays

All-in-One qPCR Systems and Multiplex Assays

Galaxy Families

POC of molecular dx system and cartridge

Testing scene: Clinic, Lab, Small/ mid-size hospital, ICU, Emergency, CDC, Forensic detection, Customs

CE-IVD marked multiplex assays and systems

Pet Care

Coagulation & Bio-chem 2-in-1 System and Chips

MSC 100V

POC of micro-fluidic rotors and system for pets testing

Testing scene: Pets testing laboratory, Clinic, University lab, Animal research institute, Zoo

Rapid quantitative tests for pets

Rapid Test

Colloidal gold test kit – Swab, buffer and cassette

Testing scene: Pets testing laboratory, Clinic, On-site screening, Academic, Zoo

Rapid tests for pets

Food Safety

Lateral Flow Strip Rapid Test

Colloidal gold strip for visual interpretation, or plus Reader for rapid quantitative test

Testing scene: On field, Laboratory, Food processing plant, Agriculture, Animal husbandry and Fisheries

Rapid tests and systems for food safety

Consumables for High-quality Results

Advanced Tips, Tubes, Plates & Bottles

A variety of filter and robotic tips, PCR tubes, plates and bottles for every practice it matters

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